10 Things to Do on a Girl’s Night In

IMG_52841. Open up a bottle of wine

This is the first, and easily most important step of having a good girl’s night in. Of course you don’t need it, but wine just makes everything way more fun. If you’re not the wine type, any kind of booze will do just fine. Discrimination is bad, drink all the alcohol.

2. Break out the Wii

There’s nothing more fun and intense than a good Just Dance work out! Challenge your lady friends to a quick competitive dance off. Work out a bit, and then reward yourself later with a treat for all of your hard work.

3. Karaoke time!

If you’ve already got out the Wii, you might as well give your legs a break and give your lungs something to do. Even if you don’t have karaoke for the Wii, turning on some music and singing along is basically the same thing. There’s nothing better than belting out the lyrics to Hello by Adele with your best friends.

4. Turn on the Food Network and… try your best

There’s something about watching the Food Network that I find oddly satisfying. Chopped and Cupcake Wars are my favorite shows to watch and replicate! Try out your own “Chopped Kitchen” and make some meals with the most random thing in the pantry.

5. Watch The Real Housewives Reunion

So, I personally have no idea what’s been going on in The Real Housewives world, but I guarantee one of your girlfriends does! Either way, watching it is it’s own kind of entertainment, even if you don’t know who’s married to who and who slept with whose husband.

6. Drink more wine

Because your glass is probably empty by now.

7. “Stalk” every person you know on Instagram and share your opinions

Let’s be real, that’s how I get most of my fashion and life inspo. Or, sometimes, inspiration for what not to do with my life.

8. Share tips and secrets about your love life

If you’re going to talk to anyone about your relationship, who better than your best girlfriends? They’re the ones who will always be honest with you, whether their responses are good or bad.

9. Order something to eat

I can almost guarantee that if you’re not a chef, your “Chopped” kitchen experience didn’t go so well. At this point, you’ve probably had a lot to drink and are dying to have something to munch on, so order some pizza or Chinese take out to satisfy your cravings.

10. Kick back, relax, and enjoy who you’re with

Remember, you only get so many of these nights, so enjoy the time you have with your favorite girls!