6 Reasons Why Fall In LA Is The Best

jordynn-fall2It’s no secret that, depending which coast you’re on, there’s a huge difference in the changing of the seasons. The East coast is all dried leaves, chill, crisp air, and more rainfall than California could ever hope to see. Sometimes, even I wish that I lived in the small town my dad grew up in somewhere in Connecticut. But when I take a step back, I realize that Los Angeles also has a pretty awesome fall season. Though it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, you have to experience at least one autumn season in the City of Angels and everything it has to offer. Lemme tell you why.

1. It’s always beach weather. 

There is no such thing as a Los Angeles day below 60 degrees, and even when our Snapchat geotag claims that it is, it definitely doesn’t feel like it. The sun is always shining, which means that a day at the beach will keep us tan all year long. You’ll catch me spending all of my fall days at Manhattan Beach, Lemonade in hand.

2. You can still put on your fall wardrobe.

It may not be a “traditional” fall wardrobe, full of heavy coats and rain boots, but it does get a bit breezy here sometimes, so a light sweater is often needed. Sometimes, when the air gets a little chilly (aka under 70 degrees), I like to throw on a slouchy cardigan, some jeans, and boots. The weather makes it so your fall style can be a nice mixture of summer favorites and traditional  autumn pieces.

3. Cotton Candy Sunsets

It’s always beach weather down here in LA, which means open skies that are perfect for watching the sun go down on the horizon. Living at Loyola Marymount University, I get just about the best possible view of the sunset (and of course, some palm trees). Grab some friends and head to the beach to watch these breathtaking sunsets!


4. College football

I miss cheering on my #1 football team back home, especially when there’s no other professional team to root for in LA. But luckily, college football is pretty damn fun to watch… and tailgate. Whether you’re backing USC or UCLA, Los Angeles has some of the coolest collegiate athletic programs around. You have to experience them at least once! So go get yourself some gear and meet all the parents, students, alumni, and fans alike at one of the games. So much fun.

image3 (1)

5. Palm trees never die

Alright, that’s probably not entirely true, but I’ve yet to see it! The cool thing about having so many palm trees crowding L.A. is that they’re green all year. No falling palm leaves to clutter the ground, or, more importantly, to hit me in the face, is definitely a plus. They’re so pretty to look at too — their silhouettes in the sunsets are breath-taking.

6. Disneyland’s Holiday Decorations

Okay, so Disneyland isn’t technically in Los Angeles, but it’s definitely a good reason to spend the season down south. A quick drive to the happiest place on Earth is one of the many holiday perks. I love Halloween, and experiencing the day frolicking around the theme park, looking at all the cool set ups, and riding my favorite rides is one of my favorite things ever. And aren’t these decorations the cutest?

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