7 Beauty Resolutions To Make Now

BeautyResolutionsThinking about choosing your resolutions for the upcoming year? Well, we’ve got seven resolutions that will help boost your beauty game from 0 to 100 real quick. And don’t worry, these are totally easy and doable resolutions that won’t leave you feeling guilty. You’ve totally got this.


Check out our picks below!

Wash Your Make-Up Brushes Regularly

I totally get it. You have your make-up routine down to a science, your everyday look is perfection, and each brush has its own purpose. So if you’re using the brush for the same thing, there’s no need to wash it right?


Even if you apply your make-up to clean skin every single day with freshly washed hands, your make-up brushes are still susceptible to bacteria. From laying your brushes down on counter to reusing those brushes mid-day to refresh, their exposure to the elements can transfer and cause skin irritations like acne.

The general rule of thumb is to at least clean your make-up brushes once a month using gentle shampoo or mild soap. Pour a small amount of soap in to the palm of your hand and swirl the brush in the soap under running water until the water runs clear. When you’re all done, use a blow dryer to dry the bristles. Voila! Squeaky clean make-up brushes.

Try Something New

I have awful hands when it comes to being steady with my make-up (Cat eyes? Forget about it). That is why I am making a vow to master a beauty trend that I have never attempted before.

The best thing about make-up is that it can easily be fixed with a lot of make-up remover or a little bit of concealer. Needless to say there is no harm in trying.

So I have decided to learn the art of colored eye liner. The only problem now is whether or not I should go with the periwinkle Prance Crème Liner or if I should try Cry Baby in a cool lavender shade.

Try a new hair color or swap your classic ballet pink nail polish for a different hue. Make-up is always changing which means with a trip to YouTube you can find something amazing that will update your look and take you out of your comfort zone.

Clean Out Your Make-Up

I am not afraid to admit that I am a product junkie. I love testing out skin care products, lotions and especially lipsticks. Over time this habit creates a beauty junkyard where I end up having an abundance of products dating back to high school.

Products have a shelf life, so go through everything and throw out anything that is old. If you don’t use it at all, get rid of it. If you have never used it, go ahead and give it to someone who you know will use it.

Check out this quick guide on The Huffington Post for how long you should be keeping your make-up.

Learn Product Label Lingo

Beauty products are like food. Not only are they both entering our body but they both are jam packed with cryptic ingredients.

Is “natural” better than “organic”? What’s Hyaluronic Acid and should it be in skin care routine?

Make it your resolution to study up on your beauty regimen to ensure that the products you’re using make you look good and are good for you. I love looking up products on EWG’s SkinDeep Database.

They breakdown each ingredient in a variety of products and rank it based on a safety level. It’s an easy way to make you more a knowledgeable beauty lover.

Wear Heat-less Hairstyles

Using a curling wand religiously to get tousled waves every day? Or maybe you love your to be stick straight and flowing with your favorite flat iron?

Well I am a flat iron girl. And even with heat protection spray, I still get frayed ends. Not to mention that in the summer months, humidity and straight hair don’t mix. So I figured that a great beauty resolution to make would be to incorporate hair looks in to my routine that don’t require heat (Think: fishtail braids or Bantu knots).

Bonus: Most heat-less look create amazing waves that can get you through the third day hair hump. Just sleep in them overnight and release the style and you’ve got effortless curls.

Eat Healthy

Unfortunately, what you eat can affect your beauty inside and out. Ice cream and brownies might be delicious but they don’t always make you feel the best. Consuming too much junk food can make you feel sluggish and tired. Externally, it can bring out dull or acne-prone skin which we definitely don’t want.

Make a promise to switch out your less healthy favorites for foods that are not only better for your body but they will help you glow on the outside too.

Don’t forget you can do this gradually. Start by eliminating soda from your routine and you will feel a difference in no time.

Take Your Make-Up Off

A tried and true beauty resolution any make-up lover should have on their list, removing your make-up before bed. The last thing anyone want to do is to spend 10 minutes removing all their make-up. Now I know every day can’t be a deep cleansing day but a quick wash to remove all the product from your pores can make all the difference. Strive to take off your make up every single night.

Lazy Beauty Tip: Keep make-up removal wipes in your nightstand. When you have those super exhausting days, climb in to bed, grab a makeup wipe and get all that makeup off in a cinch.

There you have seven goals to make right now that will have you feeling and looking flawless. Which of these beauty resolutions will make it on you your list?