8 Anti-Aging Tips Your Future Self Will Thank You For

maggie1I’m not sure if its living in New York or being a beauty intern, but more and more often when I look in the mirror I’ve paid closer attention to the fine lines on my forehead or the little smile lines around my mouth. I’ve even gone so far to google “Best place to get Botox in NYC”…. Let me clarify that I am 21 years old and 100% Irish. My skin is relatively fair and I do my best to take proper care of my skin. However, these newfound lines and wrinkles have had me trying all the anti-aging beauty samples I can get my hands on and spending hours doing research on the topic. From my hours of research and beauty trials, these are the best tips I have discovered in getting started on an anti-aging routine, before it’s too late:

1. Stay away from UV

You’ve probably heard this from your mother since you were a toddler, but it truly is crucial to taking care of young skin. Make sure to wear 30+ SPF (minimum!) on the face all year around, and staying out of the sun as much as possible. Also, going in a tanning bed is basically asking for wrinkles. Stay far, far away from tanning salons and stick to self-tanners. My favorite is St. Tropez!

2. Quit Smoking

As someone who has only ever smoked a handful of cigarettes in her life, I can’t say that quitting smoking is not something I necessarily needed to do. However, from the amount of research and google photosmaggie2 I have seen, smoking might be the worst of them all. Smoking depletes the skin of the blood supply it needs to keep skin looking young and healthy. It can lead to bags under the eyes, fine lines around the lips, or even Psoriasis.

Side note: it makes your teeth super icky and who wants that?

3. Eat healthy

So basic, yet so important. Eating veggies such as kale, carrots and peppers can help even out your skin tone and promote a more youthful look. Dark chocolate has also been found to also have exceptional antioxidants which help improve luminosity. Throw a some shavings into a bowl of greek yogurt, a food proven to help fight wrinkles, and you have a perfect breakfast or dessert!

4. Pat, don’t rub

This is something I’ve recently incorporated into my skin care routine and automatically saw and felt a difference. I used to rub my face to dry after washing, as well as when applying product into my skin. This automatically pulls the skin downward and yanks on the skins elasticity. Instead, I have began to lightly pat moisturizer and serums into my face, particularly around the eye area. Patting, rather than rubbing, keeps the skin’s firmness in tact.

5. Start an anti aging routine

Start getting into the habit of using anti-aging products now. Remember, it doesn’t have to be the most exclusive or expensive products. Certain skin care products from the drugstore work exceptionally well and will give you the anti-aging components your young skin needs to keep its youthful glow.

maggie36. Drink tons of water

Take a tip from Jennifer Aniston’s book of beauty secrets: “I drink water endlessly. Like five [bottles] a day,” she says. “Now it’s just such habit. There are so many lazy water drinkers!” This woman is 46 but looks 26. Her skin is wrinkle free, youthful and glowy. Hydration is crucial in anti-aging and should be incorporated into your every day routine. Keep a refillable water bottle in your purse to help you remember!

7. Throw away the straw

Pursing your lips constantly while sipping on your iced coffee or favorite drink evidently causes unforgiving wrinkles. Throw away the straw and stick to only pursing your lips for kisses.

8. Stay away from heat (including steaming hot showers)

Exceptionally hot water strips the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis. This can cause flaky, dry skin and if done constantly, can cause rough, patchy skin. Make sure to tone down the dial and stick to a warm shower. Also be wary of direct heat to the skin such as heated blankets and space heaters. Both of which can deplete the skin of moisture.