8 Reasons Why Iceland Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

12107050_10153715399766661_8728792531115312086_nThere are countless countries that we wish we could jet off to, and daydreaming about future adventures is one of our favorite past times—so putting together a bucket list of places we’d like to travel to is important. And while everyone may have different dream destinations, there is one place that you should definitely add to your list: Iceland.

What makes this chilly northern country so great? Well, a lot of things:

1. The city is full of curiosities.
Reykjavik is an incredibly walkable city—and that means there are so many interesting things to be seen and found, from the many thrift stores to quaint cafes and museums.

2. The architecture is incredibly unique.
From the Expressionist church Hallgrímskikja to the glass-paned Harpa music hall, Reykjavik is full of magical architectural works. Combined with the multicolored roofs of the city, there are plenty of sights that are beyond Insta-worthy.

3. It’s a hiking wonderland.
Iceland’s many mountains are just begging to be hiked. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get a glimpse of the Northern Lights while you’re exploring nature.



4. You can see geysers—next to snow-topped mountains!
A reservation for the Golden Circle tour, and you’ll be in for a day-long trip of mountains, fog, geysers, countryside, tectonic plates, lakes, and more.


5. Comfort food is not hard to find.
From Skyr, the yogurt-like food that many Icelanders swear by for breakfast, to rich chocolates, to golden baked goods, the food is the perfect compliment to chilly Icelandic air.

6. People take “sweater weather” very seriously.
You might assume that Icelandic sweaters are the country’s equivalent of Manhattan’s “I Heart NY” shirts, but really, the woolen knits are beloved by both locals and tourists. So they make quite a cozy souvenir.


7. The music scene is super cool.
You know that Björk, Sigur Rós, and Of Monsters and Men are from Iceland but there are so many other great local acts. Check out Bang Gang, Gangly, and Samaris, and try to attend a local concert.

8. Two words: Blue Lagoon.
There is no better way to end a trip to this Nordic country than with a long soak in the Blue Lagoon. The geothermally-heated water is believed to have healing properties and beyond that, it looks like something out of a fairy tale. You’ll emerge from the waters a new person.