8 Tools The Beauty-Obsessed Need For Christmas

beautytools1. Beauty Blender
If you don’t already have this unicorn magic sponge, please do yourself a favor and put it on your list. Nothing compares to that little pink ball of amazingness. The perfect time to get one is during the holidays where you can get them along with their cleanser for half the price #yassss

2. Foreo Luna
This facial cleanser is gonna make your skin on fleek by taking off makeup, unclogging your pores, exfoliating your dry winter skin, and removing dirt and oil… what else do you need? Oh right, it’s cruelty free!

3. Face Masks
Whether they’re from Lush Cosmetics or Tony Moly, face masks are a MUST! Face it, it’s getting cold, our skin is getting dry and we’re sending out an SOS. P.S. they’re fun and relaxing so why not?

4. LED Mirror
Maximize your eyebrow game with mirrors that will give you lighting you thought you’d only find in Sephora and Heaven.

5. Brush Cleaner Glove
Finally! A way to clean all our makeup brushes without having to miss brunch. Sigma Brush Cleaner Glove has a section for washing, rinsing and refining to make our lives a little bit easier because honestly, ain’t nobody got time for that.

6. Brush Tree
Leaving your brushes to dry upside down helps the water from absorbing into the shaft (ahem) of the brush and loosening the glue, causing brush hairs to shed. This tool lets your hang different size brushes while not taking up too much room. Now if only the rest of my problems could be solved this easily!

7. Bloterrazi
For the lucky ones who have oils flowin in their skin, this is for you. This reusable and washable oil blotting sponge is not only good for the environment, but it comes with a travelling case so you can pop it in your purse and use it whenever it’s needed.

Plus… It’s made with the same material of the unicorn magic Beauty Blender so you basically need it.

8. Konjac sponge
Last but not least, this sponge is the ultimate exfoliator. It’s natural, coming from konjac vegetable roots that contain alkaline to balance out the acidity in our skin. Not only is it perfect for sensitive skin, it’s also enriched with a whole bunch of vitamins that will help you give that glowy summer skin in the winter. Ummm, yes please.

Photo Credit: Floralsandfancy