Beauty Master: Thomas Halbert

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Prance Crème Gel Liner
How did you get into makeup?
I’ve always loved creating and expressing myself through my appearance whether it was with my clothes or my face! Although I didn’t feel confident enough to wear makeup out until 2 years ago, I always did it behind closed doors and always felt so empowered and confident. It was always an outlet for me to let out my emotions. I grew up feeling very isolated and lonely, so it was kind of my way of just empowering and expressing myself. Even if it meant sneaking my moms makeup into my room and playing with it without her knowing haha.




Who is your beauty icon/ where do you find your creativity?
This is a hard question to answer for me. Growing up and even to this day, beauty to me was the world, people, animals, life it self. It always intrigued me. I’m influenced by anything and everything. I manifest my creativity from everyday people, music, color, nature, animals, and emotion. Makeup has always been an art form to me and I express how I feel on the inside on my body and face. Whether its full glam or complete avant garde makeup, it always has a deeper meaning, or story behind it. I notice my creativity lacks when I shut myself off from the world.


What’s your signature style?
An everyday look on crack.


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Porter & Weenie Super Shock Shadow; Taurus Lippie Stix & Pencil

What’s your inner spirit animal?

I’d say it’s a mixture between two. Owls and Butterflies. The owl symbolizes intuition and the ability to see what others do not see. It also symbolizes the ability to see beyond deceit and masks. The butterfly symbolizes powerful transformation, metamorphosis in your life, and personality. It also symbolizes renewal and rebirth. Both spirit animals have always resonated with me very much so.

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Midnight & Telepathy Super Shock Shadow; Aquarius Lippie Stix & Pencil
What’s the beauty essential you cannot live without?
Hunty, If I don’t have my cheeks highlighted brighter than the sun, i feel so incomplete. I need my highlighters. I want my face to be so reflective you can see yourself in it. If my face cant guide Santa Claus and his reindeer through the foggy night, then my highlight isn’t bright enough.


Favorite Instagram accounts to follow?
@risadexter, @dominiqueldr, @ssssamanthaa, @naye0na, @drac_makens, @itssteephh, @thegalsguide, @kristenxleanne, these people make my Instagram feed so much more enjoyable to scroll through. Their artistry has always been something I’ve loved.


What is it like being a boy/man in the beauty industry? What do you want to see change? 
I’m very opinionated about this topic actually. I feel my gender identity and sexuality has almost given me this advantage in this industry. Because seeing a gay boy slaying a winged eyeliner and bold lip, or sometimes even rocking a nice 26″ wig, is something you don’t really see everyday. Makeup isn’t marketed towards men, you don’t see men in a lot of these ad campaigns wearing lipstick or eyeshadow. It’s almost contradicting because these brands are willing to work with male makeup artists, they’re willing to repost them on their social media, but yet many brands still market it towards women solely. They use she/her pronouns in their campaigns and posts. They say stuff like “this is every girl’s perfect red shade”. I feel as if gay men in makeup are more seen as the “gay best friend” to the beauty industry or more like an accessory. I also feel like if you’re a boy in this industry you’ve got to look two certain ways: 1) passable or, 2) masculine. Passable meaning you look how society says women should look, and masculine meaning you have to look like how society says a man should look but wear makeup so you can be sexualized. It’s the same way when a woman does something society says is “for boys only”, she’s either got to be like “one of the boys” or be easily sexualized to take part. It’s just a very interesting topic for me. I’d like to see more brands being more gender neutral and give boys just as much recognition as women.
That all being said, I’m very thankful to have the success that I do in this industry.


Favorite song at the the moment
California by Grimes


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Beauty tip that you would work for ANYONE
Do whatever you want! Do what makes you confident! That’s the only tip I cant give. Do what empowers you and makes you feel invincible.
xx Thomas (@thomashalbert)