Calling All WOC:
The Perfect Lippies For Deep Skin Tones

gaby2As a woman of color (WOC) I completely understand the beauty industry frustrations that we face on a regular basis. So when I find makeup that works for me I love to tell my friends about it and give credit where it is due. With that being said, one of my absolute favorite brands is ColourPop. You can’t beat the prices, the wide variety, and the gorgeous finishes. Because I stalk their IG on a regular basis, I sometimes come across frustrated WOC who feel like they were let down because of certain colors they purchased. Being the overly emotional person I am, I get defensive and want to message them letting them know that’s not the case. For every complexion across the spectrum, there are colors that will work and some that won’t. Just because you purchased one that doesn’t, does NOT mean that brand doesn’t cater to you… I promise! So I decided to share with you all some of my favorite Colourpop lippies and hopefully you can benefit from seeing how they look on my chocolate self.

P.S. Colourpop posts swatches on WOC on their social media accounts and also have the support of beautiful African American beauty bloggers such as JackieAina, ItsMyRayeRaye and Ellarie. Go check them out!

A beautiful deep cranberry red! I am a huge fan of this color and the accompanying blackened violet lippie pencil is a must to create the perfect ombre.


This color is definitely more of a purple/pink on me. Still beautiful but not as straight purple as I expected from the picture online.


A gorgeous deep red violet shade. The name fits perfectly!


Love love love this dark, blackened burgundy shade. It is perfect for fall. I can’t wait to wear it often.


Heart On
A very fun cool toned magenta that perfectly adds a pop of color to your look!


One of my absolute favorite liquid lipsticks ever! At any given moment it is within arms reach of me because I love it that much. It is very long-lasting and isn’t dry. I love to wear it as an everyday color because it is a soft color against my darker complexion.


Toasty (with BFF3 Pencil)
Toasty is heaven-sent. This is always in my purse, right next to my chapstick. It is my everyday go to lippie and could be compared to MAC’s Creme in Your Coffee



My other favorites not pictured: LBB, Creeper, Zipper, Tiger, Bichette, I Heart This, Dalia, Pitch