Cool and Cozy: How to Wear Fall Fashion in L.A.

colourpop_fall2Fall is a wonderful and highly anticipated season in the fashion world. It’s a time where sweaters, scarves, tights and mugs of cocoa can finally be whisked out and our outfits can be just as toasty as they are stylish.

That is, if you actually experience fall.

Here in LA, we don’t really get much of the season. While brisk temperatures grace most areas of the nation as October rolls in, SoCal feels about the same as it does any other time of the year: hot and sunny. Thankfully, there are still ways to dress the part despite the lack of weather. Stay cool and cozy this fall with these style pointers.

Cropped sweaters
Crop tops are pretty popular down here in LA, so it only makes sense that our sweaters match. While it’s usually way too hot to wear an actual full sized sweater, a cropped one adds breeziness to your outfit while maintaining the same level of coziness.

Don’t wear it – wrap it
Denim jackets are a fall staple, but let’s be real here: if you’re trying to rock one while it’s hot out, things start feeling uncomfortable real fast. With that said, tie one around your waist rather than wearing it to still keep that touch of denim in your outfit. And if the weather actually does begin to cool down, you’ve conveniently got it right there to warm you back up.


Chunky knits with lighter pieces
Chunky knits are some of my favorite pieces to wear when the weather is cooler, and they’re usually paired with fellow fall pieces such as sweaters or cardigans. When you live in southern California, however, none of the above really apply. Instead, create a cozy yet chic balance by pairing a chunky knit scarf with a lighter, breezier outfit, such as a loose fitted white T-shirt and some denim shorts. With this combination, you remain comfortably cool in your look while simultaneously rocking some quintessential fall knits.


Breezy, light layers

If a chunky knit scarf is too heavy for you, consider rocking some lighter layers instead. I’m obsessed with maxi cardigans, and the one I’m wearing in particular is super lightweight and easy-to-wear. These pieces make layering in warm weather comfortable and cozy, and they also add some instant drama to any outfit you’re wearing. Double win.


Ankle booties
Last but not least, a fall wardrobe isn’t complete without a fabulous pair of boots! Ankle booties are my absolute favorite for a warm Los Angeles fall day. They have the look and feel of regular boots, sans the stuffiness that may accompany them on a hot afternoon. Ankle boots are generally paired with items such as tights or skinny jeans during the fall, but here in LA (and as shown in these pictures), it’s probably more comfortable to keep it bare legged.  They come in all shapes and sizes as well, so you can really select to your liking which one works best for you. If you’re looking for a steal, Target has a fantastic variety of them. The ones features in the pictures above are from their new collaboration with Aldo, which you can even buy for yourselves here.

The bottom line? It is possible to still rock fall fashion in a city as sunsoaked as Los Angeles.  While it may not be the exact same as elsewhere, it’s a unique look that allows one to maintain both SoCal and fall flare in their daily outfits. And seeing as both styles are pretty fabulous, I’d say you have quite the winning combination for the season.