Cool Girl’s Guide To Pulling Off
Unconventional Lip Colors

RD-mainAt this point, everyone knows that you can’t ever go wrong with a classic red lip. But who likes to play it safe? This season we are all about exploring new waters with unexpectedly chic, unconventional lip colors—and they’re shockingly easy to pull off too.

It may be a little intimidating to grab a blue or green lipstick instead of your usual pink or nude, but a new hue can help you express your inner wild child. And thanks to Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Lips, perfecting your multicolored pout is easier than ever. But if you’re still intimidated by an extra bold pout, you can enhance your whole look by wearing a complimentary eye shadow look. Here’s how you can do your eye makeup to help you pull off four of the most amazingly unexpected lip colors ever.

1. Guess This dark, vampy purple color is the perfect nighttime lip—but you can also make it perfectly wearable for the day. A golden blend of eyeshadow helps soften the look while also allowing the purple to really pop, since yellow and purple are opposites on the color wheel. Apply a light gold color to your whole lid and then give your eyes some depth by brushing a darker color across your crease and dabbing a bronze shade at your eye’s outer corner. Finish with black liner and mascara to finish the pretty look.


2. Kapow The grey-taupe hue of Kapow is quite wearable on its own, but some purple eyeshadow adds a bit of warmth to this slick lip, while also bringing out some of its lilac undertones. Sweep a soft pink-purple shadow over your whole lid and dab a bright, light purple color in the center of the lid. Brush a darker, cool-toned lavender in the crease to help your eyes pop and finish with black liner and mascara.


3. Jellies A vibrant royal blue color can seem hard to pull off, but the trick here is to go bold or go home. A shimmery silver eyeshadow adds just enough oomph to balance out your show-stealing pout. Add a metallic wash of silver to your entire lid (try ColourPop’s Liberty), and then soften things with a sweep of steel grey in your crease. For a fun touch, add black liner and then use a dark blue mascara to subtly match your lips.


4. Dr. M This emerald green lipstick may just become the crown jewel of your makeup collection. For a regal, refined look, this rich hue pairs best with a classic smokey eye. Swipe a shimmery grey shadow over your lid and brush a charcoal shadow into your crease. Glide on some black liner and brush on mascara for a flirty look.