Vacay Goals: Take A Break In Thailand

IMG_3011It’s all well and good to go to a new place to experience its civilization and history, but sometimes you just want to have fun and relax. While Thailand has a wealth of culture to offer, it is also one of the best places to simply take a break from the hectic lives we all live and merely think about sun, food, and fun.

If you’re just going for some personal TLC, I highly recommend making your way over to Ko Phi Phi. Most people have heard of Phuket as being the most beautiful place in Thailand, but Ko Phi Phi is a set of islands not far from Phuket that offer equally breathtaking beaches and an active nightlife. Here are some tips for making the most of your Thailand getaway!

First, make sure you fly into Krabi, Thailand. It is the closest main city to the islands. You can buy a boat ticket and there are a few ferries that leave throughout the day from Krabi to Ko Phi Phi. It takes about two hours to get there and once you start nearing the island, you will be blown away by the crystal clear water.

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Once you’re on the island, there are a variety of hotels and hostels that are relatively good price, and no matter where you stay everything is within walking distance. Make sure you stay at a hotel with a good breakfast buffet. Thai hotels usually serve a great array of fresh fruit as well as Western breakfast items to help you start to your day right. After breakfast, check out the island! Start with some beaches like Ko Phi Phi Don, and if you’re a little more adventurous you could kayak to some of the other bays like Ko Phi Phi Ley. Also, make sure you make time to go up to the View Point to get a really great view of the whole island.

If you have the time, I highly suggest going on a day tour of everything you could want out of Ko Phi Phi. These tours usually include hot spots like Mosquito Island (no mosquitoes, just beautiful beach), Bamboo Island (incidentally, no bamboo, still just beautiful beach), Monkey Beach (actually has monkeys!), cliff jumping, sunset view, and night swimming. The night swimming is especially cool because there are glow in the dark plankton that make you feel like you’re swimming through stars!



Now that you have enough activities to fill your days, lets talk about your nights! Ko Phi Phi has great nightlife with music and dancing all over the island, right on the beach! If you’re not huge into parties, you can still go out and get your fill of Thai food. Pad Thai is a MUST, but my personal favorite is Thai Curry (especially Masamann curry). Thai pancakes and Thai Tea are also great if you’re into sweets. Thai pancakes are very thin, fried, crepe like pastry, filled with a fruit or filling of your choice. I loved the banana honey ones, while my friends tried strawberry- nutella, and mango.

Thailand has all the elements you need for a perfect tropical vacation. In addition to all the beaches and food, there is also decent shopping and you can get authentic Thai massages for the same price as a manicure in the U.S.!  The best part is that you can mix and match all the tips I listed above at your leisure! You could spend all day lying on the beach and shopping or you could go on an adventure tour or a mix of everything! Ko Phi Phi isn’t as well known as Phuket YET, but I think that it makes it all the better for having an amazing, relaxing vacation.