Eyeliner: Get Winged Out

eyeliner1My all time favorite eyeliner look is the wing. There are so many variations, you can make it suitable for school, for work, for going out, anything! Luckily, Colourpop has a line of SUPER creamy eyeliners that are perfect for all of the looks I’m about to show you.

Classic Small Wing

This one is clean, sharp, and no drama. It’s perfect for professional settings but still gives enough definition to be worn shopping or out to brunch. The key to this look is keeping the line super clean and the wing small. The sharper the line, the better, and you want enough of a wing to add some lift to your eyes but not to be too distracting. To create this, I used Colourpop’s Crème Gel Colour in Best-O with an angled eyeliner brush. Best-O is a burgundy color that is still dark enough to be professional, but is WAY more interesting than black or brown.


Amped Up

When you want something more than the classic wing, and something that you could get creative with, you should try this one. You start out with the same classic small wing shape as in the first look, but then you make the wing longer, and add some liner on your lower lash line for added drama. If you want to really amp this up for going out, add a lot of liner on the top and bottom and SMUDGE! It will create a beautiful smoky look that is in the rough shape of winged liner, which will still give your eyes some lift. I personally like to create drama with eye shadow so I have just amped up the small wing below. Using Colourpop’s Crème Gel Colour in Workout with an angled eyeliner brush, I extended my wing and added liner to the bottom outer corner.




This look is for those who want their look to be a bit more interesting. Using a lighter/shimmery eyeliner, add it to your bottom lash line and inner corner. This adds more dimension to your eyes and can open your eyes up more than dark liner would. Plus it adds that interest factor that makes people take a second look. I used Colourpop’s Crème Gel Colour in Workout on my upper lash line and then using their new Crème Gel Liner in Show Me, I added a coppery gold color to my lower lash line.

File Nov 19, 6 19 44 PM


Tips for creating the perfect wing:

  • Use a small brush with potted gel liner and start the line mid way on your upper lash line
  • Draw the line to the end of your lash line, then find where your lower lash line angles and draw a thin line upwards from there
  • Connect the line you created with the thin wing line. This part is where you decide the thickness of the wing. You can stay close to the thin line, making for a thinner wing, or make more of a triangle shape to create a thicker wing
  • Then just fill in your inner corner and connect it to the line.