Halloween Costumes You Can Create—With Just Makeup

IMG_2279Halloween is a time to get in touch with your wild side—whether that means going full monster bride a la Cady Heron in Mean Girls or opting for a more seductive vampiress look. But as we get deeper into October, costume stores get increasingly crowded and the risk of an online order not coming in time for the 31st gets greater. So sometimes the best thing to do is to work with what you’ve got. And what we do have is plenty of makeup. And that’s enough for us to make some seriously cool halloween costumes. If you’re in a rush, try these ideas out for yourself.

1. Vampire Diva
A simple, chic cat eye and a dark, blood red lip will add just the right amount of drama for this look. Use your red lipstick to paint on blood trickles at the corner of your mouth—no fangs necessary.

2. Alien Grrrl
You’re not trying to embody those iconic little green men here—go for an interstellar glam look by pairing a green lipstick with silver eyeshadow and plenty of dramatic strobing. Put your hair in two baby buns and get ready to ask people to take you to their leader.

3. Twiggy
This model’s iconic look isn’t too hard to recreate. Just pull your hair into a neat low bun with a deep side part and pile on the mascara. Use falsies for a fuller lash line and use eyeliner to draw recognizable lines on your lower lash line.

4. Lydia Deetz
Winona Ryder’s Beetlejuice character may be most known for her serious goth vibes. If you have bangs, section them into stringy pieces with hair gel. Use a maroon eyeshadow under your eyes to get her creepy-chic look just right.

5. Spooky Skeleton
For this costume, eyeliner and black eyeshadow are your best friend. Go matte on your eyelids with plenty of black shadow and use liner to draw on a nose and to create a spooky stitched mouth. For maximum effect, start off your look with a white face paint.

6. Doll
Put on a pretty dress and go heavy on the blush, and you’ll look like a childhood toy in no time. Use individual false lashes for a creepy-cute big-eyed look and accentuate your Cupid’s bow with a baby pink lipstick. Braid your hair or use a curling iron to get Shirley Temple ringlets.