How To Throw A Friendsgiving Party

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.32.05 PMThanksgiving Day is all about being grateful for our friends and family, watching the Macy’s parade, and eating as much food as possible. It’s no surprise why we love this holiday so much. Spending time with family is always a great way to spend the day, but we have to admit, we love any excuse to make this holiday longer—so, before Thanksgiving hits, we gather up our girl gang to host Friendsgiving.

Friendsgiving is an excuse to hang out with your friends and eat plenty of food. But be sure to let your pals know just how much you appreciate them while you’re at it. With these tips, you can throw the best Friendsgiving ever—and even start a fun new tradition.

1. Organize a Potluck-Style Meal

Once you set your guest list, ask everyone to contribute at least one dish to the feast. To guarantee a balanced feast, be sure your friends let you know in advance what they plan to bring. Consider making a food theme—like all-Italian dishes, traditional Thanksgiving meals, or taco night.

2. Decorate!

Any soirée is an excuse to get festive. Play up the fall vibes of this holiday before Christmas season fully sets in by scattering some gourds around your space. Hang up some banners and consider setting up a mini photo booth station to guarantee some A+ Instagrams.

3. Play Some Movies

Thanksgiving never feels like Thanksgiving without a Charlie Brown special, but you can get creative selecting the best movies to play in the background of your party. Try classics like Clueless and Mean Girls or get into the holiday spirit with specials like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

4. Get Nostalgic

If you’re hanging out with your high school BFFs, leave out old yearbooks to guarantee some laughs. Now is the time to reminisce on bad hair cuts, silly crushes, and all sorts of hijinks.

5. Say Thanks

Remember, the purpose of this holiday is to be grateful. Start your meal by going around in a circle, saying what you are thankful for. You can also consider having everyone write what they’re grateful for on a slip of paper at the beginning of the soirée, putting the papers in a bowl, and reading them out loud before the night ends. Remind your friends that you love them—that’s all that really matters, anyway.