How to Throw a Slumber Party Themed Soirée

10299864_1448640418756419_306839706_nAfter high school, slumber parties become a thing of the past—but they shouldn’t have to. There’s nothing like hanging out with your girl gang wearing pajamas, gossiping, and mixing up a face mask. Sure, maybe we’re past our days of prank phone calls (instead we send prank Tinder messages), but there’s something timeless about having a good, old-fashioned girl’s night.

So when it comes time to have a bash with our squad, we’re all about getting a little nostalgic. And that means throwing a party the old school way. Your guests don’t even have to stay the night, but a slumber party theme will make things feel like old times.

1. Get Cozy

You’re not headed to the club or pre-gaming a party. Make sure your guests know that your slumber party-party is strictly pajamas or sweats only—footie pj’s encouraged.

2. Tell Fortunes

Break out the tarot cards and make a cootie-catcher. Start up a game of M.A.S.H. And, if you dare, bring out a Ouija board for something a bit spookier. Telling your future when you’re a kid is always enthralling—and we have to admit, even 20-somethings wouldn’t mind a little more clarity about what lies ahead.

3. Get the Spa Treatment—or a Do Makeovers

Make a DIY mask using smashed avocado or try out a facial peel you got in a beauty subscription box. Or, experiment with crazy lip colors and cool eyeliner tricks. Make your night a glam one or a relaxing one—or try both. Just be sure to wash off your makeup before you actually hit the sack and you’ll be good to go.

4. Turn On A Movie

Don’t just Netflix in chill. This is your time to live to re-live your childhood. Put on an old Disney favorite or that rom-com that first set your heart a-flutter in your pre-teen years. 13 Going on 30, anyone?

5. Serve Some Snacks

And we don’t mean the healthy kind. Popcorn is a given at any slumber party, and ordering pizza is a plus. Fill bowls with snacks of all sorts: cheesy, spicy, chocolaty, crunchy. You can even give things a sweet twist with a make-your-own-sundae station. Bring on the sprinkles!

6. Break Out the Board Games

If you’re lucky enough to still own your Pretty Pretty Princess board game, now is the time to bring it back. If you’ve got a competitive streak, pull out Risk. If you’re trying to prove to your friend that your English major made you more cultured, grab Scrabble. And if you can’t get enough True Detective, it’s time to play Clue.

7. Let the Gossip Flow

We’re not saying that girls’ night isn’t already a time for gossip to flow freely and generously. But a slumber party is the perfect time to indulge in gossip that feels a little more shamefully childish. Go ahead and stalk your middle school crush on Facebook. See how your old classmates have fared on Instagram. And then get some peace knowing that since growing up past early adolescence, things have all fallen into place. And that is reason enough to celebrate.