Isabelle Fuhrman x ColourPop

You may know her as “The Orphan” or Clove from The Hunger Games but this up and coming young starlet is surely on your radar.

Isabelle Fuhrman, an avid fashion and beauty enthusiast has created a custom six piece kit with us consisting of three all new Lippie Stix colors and five highly pigmented eyeshadows. The collection is called “FETCH PLEASE.”

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The collection consists of purple, neon orange, peach and grey / maroon, colors inspired by a variety of fashion influences. Isabelle explains she pulled inspiration from Cara Delevigne editorial photos as well as the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 collection. The Lippie Stix were kept neutral to work with any of the vibrant shadow colors. Fuhrman’s fast-paced lifestyle also influenced the color palette and Fuhrman believes the mix of versatile neutral shades and vibrant experimental shades will resonate well with young women similar to her.

“I wanted the box to be a one stop shop. I travel a lot and I know it is a box that I could take with me and feel like I had everything I needed for day and night,” says Fuhrman. “I wanted it to be something that a daring and confident girl could wear. It’s a collection for a young woman who isn’t afraid to stand out.”

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What was it about ColourPop that stood out from all of the other cosmetic brands?

I really love the spirit of ColourPop and what they’ve created: high quality makeup everyone can afford! Eyeshadows, lip liners and lippie sticks are made with super high quality ingredients and stay on better than some of the expensive eyeshadows and lipsticks I own! The whole ColourPop team is also fearless and really allowed me to run free with my ideas, and helped me create the FETCH, PLEASE box.

How did you decide on your color palette and what was the inspiration?

I had a bunch of different inspirations for my color palette. For the Purple and the Neon Orange I was inspired by a photo shoot that Cara Delevigne did with ID magazine, the one with the animals as well as a photo of her from magazine a few seasons ago. The Peach was inspired by Marc Jacob’s 2012 Spring Louis Vuitton collection beauty, it was a color I was obsessed with and couldn’t find anywhere so I decided to create my own with ColourPop. Then, the Grey/Maroon was a look that I’ve always wanted to try…I knew it was a bit of a risk because I was unsure how it would turn out. I was so pleasantly surprised when the colors came back and they worked so well together. It’s a new take on a smokey eye.

I wanted the lip colors to be interchangeable and imagined them being great for any occasion. I also wanted them to be able to work with any of the eyeshadows.

Overall, I wanted the box to be a one stop shop. I travel a lot and I know it is a box that I could take with me and feel like I had everything I needed for day and night.

What was the process like in creating the colors and the product itself?
The process was so fun! I love tumblr so I brought a bunch of tumblr photos and magazine clippings to my first creative meeting at ColourPop…

How much time did you spend in the factory and what was that like for you?
I spent a few hours at the factory to see how the makeup was made. It was important to me that my makeup had a lot of pigment and so I tested every sample of the shades on myself and on my friends.
What is something that you learned along the way?

I learned a lot about what it’s like to collaborate creatively with a business. I wanted to make a box that I could use but also something that a lot of people could enjoy and I think I accomplished that.

How did you come up with the names? Do they mean something to you? If so, what?
I had so much fun with the names! It was just something that came to me really easily. I ran them by a few friends, my own focus group, to see what they thought and that’s how I chose the final ones. The names were meant to evoke the feeling I want people to have when they wear the makeup. Sexy, confident, flirty, mysterious and strong.

Being a young woman, how do you think your collection will resonate with other women your age?
I think the collection will be perfect for young women. My friends have really enjoyed testing out the colors with me and we all agree that they are very different from everything you can find. They are bolder, sexier and surprisingly easy to pull off. And that was the point! I wanted it to be something that a daring and confident girl could wear.

What would you tell your fans about this collection in one sentence?
It’s a collection for a confident young woman who isn’t afraid to stand out 🙂