ItsMyRayeRaye x ColourPop

raye-7“I want to have a shade that everyone can wear and feel confident in,” says one of our favorite Youtuber’s and newest ColourPop collaborator, ItsMyRayeRaye. The result? A lip collection created to achieve a perfect mauve pout. Raye’s shades, cleverly dubbed StingRaye and Rayezor, will complete and enhance even the most natural look, leaving you looking anything but boring. The Rayezor pencil can be used with both shades, so feel free to mix and match these babies however you want. We ain’t the boss, you the boss.

What inspired you to come up with these particular shades?

I want to have a shade that everyone can wear and feel confident in. Also, it’s my favorite everyday lip color. I think Mauve lip colors look great on everyone.

Any tips and tricks to share?
Use translucent powder to make your lip color last longer.

You came to the lab at ColourPop HQ to create these shades, what was your experience like?
It was amazing! I learned so much about the process of creating products. It was a great experience. I even got to package my first ever lip liner!

Underwater or Outerspace?

Describe your collection in 1 sentence.
A sexy mauve pink pout.


Where do you gather beauty and fashion inspiration?
Mostly Pinterest.

What would you bring on a one-way trip to mars?

What’s your spirit animal?

What’s your favorite way to wear these shades?
In my everyday natural makeup look.

What did you eat for breakfast?
Panny Cakes.

You know we love a good brunch location, where is your favorite place to brunch?
The Roof on Wilshire.


Want to see more Raye?
ig: @itsmyrayeraye
youtube: ItsMyRayeRaye
twitter: ItsMyRayeRaye

Photographer: Rita Labib