Kathleen Lights x ColourPop

We know, we know, the news of our collab with YouTube Beauty Guru Kathleen Lights has been leaked and many of you (and not gonna lie all of us at ColourPop HQ) are fan-girling pretty hard right now.


We introduce to you: Lumière

The shade created by Kathleen Lights herself! Dying to know more about the creation and inspiration behind this shade? Check out her interview below!


Hi Kathleen! Can you tell us three things about you, please?
I am extremely laid back! Rarely do things ever upset me or bother me, and I think that quality is what makes me a generally upbeat individual. I’d like to think ​I​‘m fun to be around,​ and I absolutely ADORE my subscribers!
How did you pick this color?
I wanted a color that both bold and shy people could wear. It’s not a nude, but it isn’t too intense either! I feel like it would look great on EVERYONE​,​ and I just wanted a color a lot of people would feel comfortable wearing.
Why did you pick the name Lumiere?
Well, I wanted a name that described me in a way. My name on Y​ouT​ube is Kathleenlights, ​and ever since I was younger I have had a fascination with lights. I always try to keep my head and​
heart in the light; ​positivity is key. So, I decided to call it Lumiere because that means LIGHTS in French, and I thought that would be cute! 
How would you wear this shade?
I would wear it in​ a million different ways! There are no rules! I can throw it on with a deep smokey eye, or with a light layer of mascara​. It’s so versatile!
What Inspires you?
Good people. Every day I look forward to turning on my camera and talking to people because I have so many sweet and loving supporters​. That’​s what keeps me going. Good people who inspire me daily and lift​ me up.
When you were a kid what did you wanna be when you grew up?
Something my parents could be proud of… and I hope I’m doing just that.
Can you tell us about when you first got into YouTube and decided to make your first video?
It was almost two years ago​,​ and it’s funny because my first video was actually about lipstick! It took A LOT of guts to start ​Y​ouT​ube because I have always been embarrassed about expressing myself to strangers​,​ but ​I’m so glad I did.​
lumiere Lumiere-Pencil
Want to learn more about Kathleen Lights and her shade Lumière? Check out her YouTube video featuring her shade!
Be sure to follow her on YouTube and IG as well – be warned that obsession is soon to follow! xo