Keeping It Fresh: Five ways to beat the winter chill


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Is it just me, or has LA been pretty chilly lately? Jackets that generally collect dust in my closet are actually being put to use, the usual routine of blasting my car AC has been put on hold and the mere thought of being barefoot in my heater-less apartment sends me shivers. Everyone is actual cold weather are probably laughing right now, but we get chilly here too! Trust me.

While it’s nice to actually have a bit of a winter season this year, my beauty regimen hasn’t been all that cooperative. Cold weather= dry & sensitive skin, chapped lips, brittle hair and just all around ickiness. Not fun.

That means it’s time to pull out the list of pointers to get back to our pre-winter skin. Below are some easy tips to keeping yourself looking and feeling fresh as you power through the final days of cool temperatures.

1. Coconut oil
Its been repeated countless times from every beauty editor around, and I’ll be the one to say it yet again: coconut oil is a wonder ingredient. There are a million and one things you can do with this magical product, and easy beauty tricks certainly aren’t exempt! Whether it’s used as a hair mask, chapstick or body lotion, coconut oil is a great, all-natural approach for keeping your look fresh during the winter. Buy a jar at your local Trader Joe’s to get in on the experience.

2. Body butters
An obvious start, but mainly because they work! Body butters are almost like a spa treatment in a jar. They’re thick, luxurious and creamy, leave behind a wonderful scent and are just overall a perfect (and remarkably simple) tool for battling dry, winter skin. Some of my favorite ingredients to look out for when purchasing these are shea and cocoa butters, and I especially love the ones that the Body Shop has to offer (Coconut is my current go-to.) To really lock in the moisture, apply body butter after a shower while your skin is still wet and then gently pat it all dry with a towel.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

3. Bath melts
Bath melts are a double treat in the winter. Not only do you get the general warmth and coziness of a bath (which is already so wonderful to begin with), but your skin is also getting a good round of moisturizing as well. These melts contain rich butters and oils that soak up in your skin as you bathe, leaving your skin soft, supple and luxurious afterwords. Lush has a fantastic collection to choose from, letting you really select to your liking the kind of bath melt experience you would like. And if you’d like to throw in some bubbles as well, definitely get yourself some Rose Jam.

4. Knits
Whether it’s thick sweaters or blankets, bundling up in knits is an obvious must. And knit, thigh high socks are by far one of the comfiest things you can slip into! Throw these on with a toasty cup of coffee and some Netflix for an ever-so-cozy winter night in.

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5. Dewy makeup
Dry skin + makeup is generally not the best combination. And while a facial moisturizer will certainly improve the situation, it doesn’t hurt to get some extra help from your makeup as well. One of my favorite, go-to products for the winter time is a good highlighter. Dry skin often leaves makeup looking super ashy and bland, so a sweep of highlighter is an easy way to give your look a much-needed glow. ColourPop’s highlighters in Most Necessary and Wisp do the trick wonderfully, while their Super Shock eyeshadow in Fringe do a fantastic job at brightening the eye area. As for lips? Good, old coconut oil. Bring it all together for a dewy-fresh appearance that’s got you looking like summer in the middle of winter.

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