L.A.’s Best Brunch Spots: The Kettle

thekettle3Los Angeles brunch spots are notorious for their trendy locations, decor, and often times quirky menus. I’ll admit, sometimes it can be a bit intimidating to walk into a brightly lit restaurant and have only five options to choose from. For those, like me, who are a bit more traditional in their brunch choices, this is the spot for you to check out!

The Kettle, located in Manhattan Beach, offers a cool view of the bustling street down to the pier, as well as the pier itself. The wait can often be pretty long, as it is usually buzzing on a Sunday morning, but the pretty scenery in the outdoor waiting area makes it bearable. The inside of the restaurant gives off a rustic feel with its wooden furniture and cabin-esque decor.

After looking at the menu, I ordered pancakes, eggs, and bacon — a timeless breakfast combination — while my friends ordered some more “L.A.” style breakfasts, like a kale omelette. Of course, I wasn’t disappointed by my choice, and their Free Trade coffee went perfectly with my brunch. My friends couldn’t stop raving about the delicious potatoes too! The Kettle also serves fresh muffins (which are huge by the way), and we decided to split about six muffins between the eight of us, with plenty to take home for leftovers.

Overall, if you’re craving a hearty, traditional brunch, The Kettle is the place to go. Muffins, pancakes, and potatoes galore. Happy brunching!