Life is Beautiful 2015: The Recap

LIB1The Life is Beautiful Music & Art Festival happened this past weekend in Las Vegas and let me just say guys, it was amazing. Whether it be the gorgeous setup of the venue itself or the incredible performers that graced the stages each day, this festival was certainly one to remember. I had the privilege of attending this event and have accumulated a list of a few of its many highlights.

The performers
The festival had various stages scattered all throughout the venue, housing the many performances that the talented artists put on each day. A few personal favorites included Major Lazer, Chance the Rapper, Snoop Dogg, The Killers, Madeon, and Kendrick Lamar. Major Lazer was basically a nonstop party from the start of their set all the way until the end, closing with their insanely popular hit “Lean On.”  Chance and Kendrick both put on amazing performances that were full of life, as well as equally energetic audiences that sang out every word to every song. Snoop Dogg was obviously incredible – after all, I would expect nothing less from somebody who’s been in the game as long as he has. He pleased the crowd with songs new and old, and touching tributes were made to both Tupac and Biggie Smalls.

Madeon was an unstoppable force all throughout his set. This was my second time seeing him live and it was just as mind blowing as I remembered. How can someone so young already be so talented? The Killers made a surprise appearance during Brandon Flowers’ set and yes, the crowd (including myself) went absolutely ballistic when the opening of Mr. Brightside began playing. I lowkey lost my voice after singing along at the top of my lungs to other personal favorites like Read My Mind and When You Were Young, but I mean, come on. It was definitely worth it.


The fashion
It’s universally accepted by now that music festivals are not complete without the fashion. Denim shorts, ankle boots, crop tops, wide brim hats, chic sunglasses, fringe, crochet, lace: you get the idea. Life is Beautiful was no different, with a fabulous array of these styles gracing festival goers left and right. For my own looks, I went with a mix of my own favorite boho styles. Day one included a black, lace-lined crop top and a matching slit maxi skirt all topped off a wide brim hat. Day Two featured a lace-up white crop top and a tan circle skirt with some taupe ankle boots, and day three was all about my printed maxi dress. Don’t think that music festival fashion is just limited to the actual event though: I personally find the style to still be wearable. After all, it really is just a more intensified version of bohemian fashion. If you’re like me and love the style as well, don’t hesitate to rock it both in AND out of the desert. Music festivals sadly tend to only be about a few days long at the most, but the fashion can certainly live on all year round.



The setup
The unique setup of this festival was like nothing I’ve seen before. Located in a closed off section of downtown Las Vegas, every corner of the venue was lit up with neon lights and the festival possessed a very metropolitan and urban vibe. Most festivals that I’ve been to typically have been in areas such as parks, but this one was located right in the center of the city. It seriously seemed like us concert goers had been whisked off into some fascinating festival town built just for this event.  Just as if you were picking up your afternoon latte, you would walk down a regular paved road to see your next performance. It truly was a gorgeous venue, and made the music festival experience that much more exhilarating and exciting.

Amazing pieces of art (one of which included a preying mantis that shot fire out of its antennas. Yes, I’m serious) lined these same streets, and an entire motel was even transformed into a fascinating art exhibition that presented pieces from a multitude of artists. Stunning murals drenched in eye-catching colors and details decorated the sides of buildings and walls, giving the venue that much more life, vibrance and creativity. With a fantastic array of both street art and, of course, the performing arts, Life is Beautiful was certainly one hell of a masterpiece.