Meet Jamie Greenberg

Meet Celebrity Makeup Artist Jamie Greenberg!



Meet Celebrity Makeup Artist Jamie Greenberg! Known for her beautiful looks that often grace the Red Carpet on celebrities such as Rashida Jones, Kaley Cuoco, Jaime King, Anna Faris…the list goes on and on!

When creating her own custom collection, Jamie knew exactly what she wanted – opting for her go-to bright lips and red carpet cheeks with a soft creamy glow.

The In Bloom Collection creates the perfect Spring look for any skin tone!


Want the inside scoop from the beauty expert herself?

Why did you chose these shades?
I feel like Spring is a time to get back to bold pops of color! I feel like corals and pinks are pretty universal to all skin tones.

What inspired you?
I think seeing the flowers bloom after a long winter always gets me super excited. So naturally I gravitate towards bright and beautiful this time of year.

Cheeks and lips are always something I walk out of the house with and always make sure my clients have them too. I’m so excited to be bringing this mixture together so everyone can have the Red Carpet cheeks I love to give my gals!

Any Tips and Tricks to share?
Mix the highlighter (Double dip) with both of the blushes (Hysterical and Tongue Tied) This way you can a very glowey and bright cheek. Also the lip colors can go on super full or just dab them for a lighter stained look.