Nail Polish Dupes for Your Favorite ColourPop Lippie Stix

editFrenchie2The easiest way to catapult a good day to a great one is by matching your lips to your nails. Having your nail polish and lipstick in sync will leave you feeling put together and ready to take on the day.

Check out some awesome nail polish dupes for your favorite ColourPop Lippie Stix.

Lumiére Lippie Stix
Lumiére is the go-to shade for a girl on the go because this KathleenLight’s created color instantly pulls together any make-up look. A beautiful blend between a mauve and a pink, Lumiére comes in a matte finish. Maybelline’s Pink & Proper is its perfect mate updating your routine nude with splash of light and girly color.


Heart On Lippie Stix
Wear your heart on your lips with this cool toned magenta in the shade, Heart On. Simply Sizzling by Rimmel London is just as bright as its Lippie Stix soulmate.

editHeart On

Frenchie Lippie Stix
Red, no matter what shade, is always classic and timeless just like Frenchie. A warm toned, bright, neon red, this color practically goes with anything. When it comes to nails, I love pairing this with Revlon’s Parfumerie™ Scented Nail Enamel in the color “China Flower”. Not only is it a spot on dupe for Frenchie, it has a long lasting floral scent.


Ellarie Lippie Stix and Pencil
Deep cranberry red lipstick is a must in every girl’s arsenal. Ellarie is bold and full of confidence so the nail polish definitely has to rise to the occasion. For the lip pencil, Covergirl’s nail gloss in the shade “Nemesis”, is darker just like the pencil. Because this Lippie and Pencil combo is meant to create a perfect ombre, the Lippie Stix is slightly lighter and more red. This makes it a great dupe for Covergirl’s nail gloss in “Wine to Five”.


Nevermind Lippie Stix
Too afraid to try out a black lipstick? Nevermind is a perfect way to transition you away from your fears. Nevermind is a deep, blackened purple in a matte finish. Wet n’ Wild’s “Disturbia” brings Nevermind from your lips to your nails in a cinch!