Quickie Travel Guide: How To Do Greece In Five Days

greecefeature2Where in the world can you go to amazing beaches and experience a civilization that is over 3000 years old? Greece! Greece is one of the most popular destinations in the world because of the amazing history, picturesque islands, and friendly locals. Five days is just enough time to soak up some culture and relaxation. This guide shows you how to fit everything in less than a week!

Day One: Almost all flights fly into Athens, Greece’s capital, which is the perfect place to start! Because this will be the day you arrive, I recommend keeping it light. Try to get a hotel near Monastiraki. Monastiraki, which is near the city center (Syntagma), has plenty of things to do as well as easy access to transportation. For the first day, I suggest walking around Monastiraki and Syntagma, sampling foods (make sure you try a gyros!), and getting some of your shopping done. Shopping will always be cheaper in Athens than on the islands so plan accordingly. There are retail stores like Mango and Zara but I recommend going to the street markets and picking up a pair of Greek leather sandals. They are always well made and can sometimes be bartered down to only ten euros!


Day Two: This is your history and culture day! Try and start early and head straight to the Acropolis so get there before the crowds. You can’t come to Athens and not see the Parthenon. You can get some amazing pictures and then walk back down the hill to the Acropolis museum. The museum is cheap to enter and should not be missed. It houses works of art and archaeological findings from the acropolis site that are thousands of years old!

If you can fit this all in the morning, then you have two options from here: 1. Continue to explore Athens, do more shopping, try more restaurants, etc. OR 2. You could hop on a bus tour to see Epidaurus, the ancient Greek theatre with famously perfect acoustics, or ancient Olympia which is the site of the first Olympic Games. Both are well worth it if you love history, but they are a little out of the way. Plan on staying overnight in Olympia.


Day Three: FREE DAY! If you took the history tour I recommended, you could head even farther to the ancient oracle site of Delphi and then make your way back to Athens.

If you stayed in the city, hop on a ferry and take a day trip to the island of Aghistri. This island is not famous and is more a site for locals, that means it is crowd free and super authentic. It has beautiful, quiet beaches, and a great atmosphere. It only takes an hour to get there by boat and then you can spend the whole day lounging at the beach and relaxing in beachside restaurants and cafes. You can get a feel for the relaxed traditional Greek lifestyle and try some delicious seafood, probably caught fresh. Then, simply take the last ferry back to Athens.

Day Four: Get your Instagram ready, here come the picture perfect islands of Greece. These last two days are interchangeable but I recommend starting with Mykonos. Mykonos has beautiful beaches, picturesque windmill scenes, and is covered in little white houses with bright blue railings and doors. Make sure you take full advantage of the beach and the quaint neighborhood scenery. After dinner, the island comes alive. Mykonos is known for its colorful nightlife and having dinner at nine and then going out dancing is standard. Just make sure you remember where your hotel is!



Day Five: It’s only fitting to end your stay with the most beautiful sunset in the world: Santorini. You can take a ferry straight from Mykonos and much like Mykonos (and every other Greek Island) Santorini has clear blue waters, fine sand, and views that take your breath away. Santorini has two main hotspots, Oia and Fira. Try and make it to both and eat as much food as you can on the way! The shopping is a bit more expensive but pictures are really the only souvenirs you will need! Its blue domed churches are famous and you truly cannot beat the sunset view from the peak of Oia.


That is Greece in Five days! Greece is filled with amazing history, culture, and beauty and it remains one of the most coveted vacation destinations in the world. Five days is more than enough to take full advantage of all Greece as to offer, although personally, I would just stay on Santorini and never leave! Καλό ταξίδι! (That’s “Have a nice trip!” in Greek)