Seven Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Apartment

IMG_6969Any fashion girl who lives in her own apartment knows that one of the best things about this transition is the decorating. Countless hours of liking and re-posting pictures of interior design goals have finally come to use as you first begin to lay out how it is you want your new home to look like. And even after you’ve settled down (or so you thought), there are still always new touches that continue to find their way into your new space. It can be a bit overwhelming at times, but thankfully there are some go-to pieces that make home decor a bit easier for us.

Listed below are a few easy, simple ways in which you can make your apartment, new or old, the oasis of your dreams.

1. Scented candles
Warmth, coziness and whatever nice scent your heart desires. What’s not to love?

2. Fresh flowers
There’s simply something so lovely about having a fresh bouquet of flowers in the apartment. Whether it’s their gorgeous color, their nice smell, or just the pleasantness of their appearance, flowers in an apartment can never do you wrong.

3. And, fake plants
As much as I love a fresh bouquet of flowers, there’s also the unfortunate reality that they don’t last forever. Because of that, I like to mix things up by having at least one bouquet be fresh, and then having any other plant be fake. Artificial succulents, for example, work really well for this. Make sure to keep things tasteful though: too many fake plants may look a bit tacky.

3. White furry rugs
Fashion bloggers everywhere can unanimously agree that these are a necessity. White, faux sheepskin rugs are fantastic at giving any picture a clean, stylish backdrop. Just as they are fashionable, they’re also insanely cozy. And why stop at  just rugs? There are pillows, throws, ottomans and so on that are made of the same material and look just as chic. Go crazy with it.

4. Fairy lights
Ok, so virtually every college student has these but, come on. You have to admit they look pretty neat (and also make your space look like that artsy apartment you saw on Tumblr).

5. Wall art
A piece of wall art goes a long way. The great thing about wall art in particular is that you can truly select to your liking what it is that you find visually appealing. Whether it’s a painting, a tapestry, hanging souvenirs, or a poster, the variety is vast. Select whatever it is your creative self desires, or personalize it by finding a piece that has some sort of memory or meaning attached to it it. I have a stunning painting of a street side cafe in Paris that always brings back fond memories of my vacation there a few summers ago, and it really does make the piece that much more special to have.

6. Decorative pillows
The easiest way to liven up any couch, bed or chair. Whether it’s in a bold print or a soft shade, these pillows are fantastic (and cozy) accessories to have around the apartment.

7. Christmas tree
With the holidays fast approaching, it’s only appropriate that we throw in some Christmas decor on here as well. Regardless of where you’re actually spending Christmas Day, a small tree is the perfect way to give your apartment some lovely holiday pizzazz. And if you have roommates, you can put presents under the tree for a fun gift exchange later on. Don’t forget the lights and ornaments!