Shaaanxo X ColourPop

A shout out to all of our Australia and New Zealand babes! We have officially launched in your countries, you can now purchase directly from ColourPop and have your babies delivered straight to your door!

We couldn’t think of a better way to launch in your countries than to collaborate with New Zealand YouTube Star Shaaanxo!

Shaaanxo created her own custom foursome with us and it is absolutely amazing! To learn more about the collaboration and how Shaaanxo would wear her new shades, read her exclusive interview below:

How would you describe this collection? 

– This collection reflects colors and tones that I love to wear. Its the perfect bundle of light shades and darker shades, where you can create a multitude of looks! These shades are also perfect for the warm toned ‘grunge’ theme that is super popular at the moment!

How did you pick shades?

– I put together four complimentary shades that I, myself, love to use! These colors are perfect for looks during any season, which is important to me since my viewers come from all over the world! I have some lighter colors, mixed with a darker rich brown and a khaki which are perfect to wear during colder months. The colors can be mixed and matched, so you can go from dark grunge to light and natural!

How would you wear these shades?

– My favourite look is using ‘xo’ on my inner corner, ‘selfie’ all over the lid, with ‘deluxe’ on the outer corner and lower lash line! Sometimes i’ll replace ‘deluxe’ with ‘rebel’ if I want to add some fun subtle colour.

What inspires you?

– Mostly just everyone I follow on Instagram. I scroll through my feed and get so inspired by all of the makeup looks my favourites are posting. And another…. my viewers! I am constantly being challenged to create different fun makeup looks on my channel. My viewers are always inspiring me with ideas, and help me come up with looks using different colours and textures

If you could travel anywhere where would you go?

– I really want to travel to either Greece or Japan next! I love travelling and its a big part of my life. Greece looks like an amazing place to relax, with amazing fresh water and scenery… While Japan (I have been there before) is so fun and high-tech! I love the busy streets and delicious food

Can you tell us about when you first got into YouTube and decided to make your first video?

– I began YouTube because I was SUPER in to makeup, while none of my friends were. I had no-one to talk about makeup with, and nobody to learn from. I came across YouTube Gurus while looking for makeup tips online, and ever since then I was hooked! I was so inspired to get adventurous with my makeup, but I could never find any of the products these girls and guys were talking about, as I lived on the other side of the world. I decided to give my own channel a crack, using products my New Zealand viewers could get their hands on!
If you could be anyone from history who would it be and why

– I don’t know WHO I would want to be…. But I do know that I would LOVE to travel back in time and give the person who invented Mascara a massive hug!


Tips and tricks for each shade (like how you would wear the shade what you would use it for etc):

– XO is perfect for highlighting the inner corner, or for applying all over the lid for an instant bright eyed look. Great for the day after an all nighter!

– Rebel is the most amazing Khaki shade that looks flattering on any skin tone. It looks gorgeous all over the lid or lower lash line, and its a perfect shade for you if you are normally intimidated by colour!
– Selfie is an amazing transition shade to use in your crease, or all over the lid for a natural sunkissed glow! This one is probably my favourite!
– Deluxe is gorgeous blended all over the lid for a darker bronze smokey eye, or perfect on the outer corner to add depth. This looks AMAZING with a red lip!  It screams ‘glamourous’!