Shake Those Winter Blues, Start Recovering For Spring

During the winter it’s hard find the motivation to do anything other than snuggle up in blankets and watch Netflix. Luckily, we are nearing the end of the cold season,  and spring presents a welcome light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some tips to help you power through until Spring Equinox.

Keep Skin Fresh

Moisture is so important during the winter. In addition to your regular routine, I recommend adding a thicker night cream as well as a hydrating lip product to slather on before bed. Also, don’t shy away from sheet masks or sleeping masks that can add some much needed nutrients during the drier months.

Nourish Your Hair

Same goes for hair. Between wind, snow, and biting air, your hair can take a beating. Make sure you don’t go outside with wet hair, you want to do everything you can to retain its proteins and keep it from growing brittle. Try and incorporate a nourishing hair mask into your route at least once a week and if you have longer hair, protect your ends with some leave in conditioner or hair oils. Heat styling is never your friend, so try and avoid it even more during the winter.


Eat Your Veggies

When it’s cold, eating healthy starts to take a back seat. Smoothies and salads just aren’t as comforting as lasagna and chili. While it is completely fine to indulge every once in awhile, there are definitely ways to maintain a healthy eating regimen during the winter months. Slow cooker recipes are a great, easy way to incorporate a lot of veggies and flavor into comfort foods. Buzzfeed has a wealth of recipes in that category.

Keep Moving

We all know working out can be a chore and it becomes even less enticing as the weather gets colder. Even so, that’s no reason to let your body embrace winter with a layer of inactivity. For starters, take advantage of all the holiday promotions and free memberships that gyms offer during the winter (you know, because of the whole New Years resolution thing). Use this time to try that aerial silks class you’ve had your eye on, or try out the Gold’s Gym by your house for your new workout routine. You can stack up all these free promotions to make an entire month or two of workouts for FREE.


General upkeep can take a back seat during the winter, but adding some moisture and doing a little research on free promotions and easy recipes can still allow you to emerge from winter looking just as bright as when you entered.