Style Look Book: What To Wear For Back To School

DSC_0582editAugust, the Sunday of Summer, has now officially ended and you know what that means — back to school time! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been spending my summer building up a new wardrobe to show off when I get back on campus (apologies to my wallet).

As I’ve gotten older, my style aesthetic has changed a multitude of times, and I definitely haven’t stuck to only one look. My wardrobe currently consists of a range of styles; from sporty outfits to lounge wear to bohemian ensembles. But there is one thing I know for sure– when I walk around campus I want to look good doing it. Here are a few of my favorite back-to-school outfits for this upcoming semester.

When it’s too hot for clothes but you can’t be naked
Walking to class can be a trek sometimes, especially when it’s 90 degrees outside. Most of the time I just hope people can’t see me sweat. By pairing a breezy tank top and some cotton shorts together with my white Converse, I can stay cool and still look cute.


Get the look: 1. Flowy tank top. 2. Cotton shorts. 3. Black bralette. 4. White Converse.

When a venti iced coffee can’t even motivate you to wear pants
Some days, I wake up in the morning not feeling the whole “dress up” vibe. I’d rather put on some stretchy pants, a big t-shirt, and somehow muster the motivation to make my way to class, but something deep inside always nags at me to at least put in a little effort. So for this look, I paired a slouchy cotton v-neck and a lace halter bralette with some black leggings. Of course, I had to slip on my favorite pair of Birkenstocks. Comfort times 1000. This cute bucket bag is one of my everyday essentials.


Get the look: 1. Cotton v-neck. 2. Lace bralette. 3. Black leggings. 4. Arizona Birkenstocks. 5. Bucket bag.

When you have things to do and people to see
When I have afternoon classes, I tend to dress up for my post-class activities. That way I can jet out of the classroom to hangout with all my friends. On these days, I tend to go for a trendier look so that I’m dressed nicely for wherever I’m headed. I paired my favorite Topshop jeans with a loose tank top, which I tied at the end to crop it. These little booties are the perfect shoes for a day-to-night switch. This gray tote bag is my go-to for class – it fits everything I need for the day, like my laptop and textbooks!


Get the look: 1. Loose tank. 2. Black bralette. 3. Ripped jeans. 4. Nude booties. 5. Gray tote.