Where The Light Is

You have asked, and asked, and asked, and asked (and of course we’ve been dying to make this happen as well) SO HERE IT IS! The long awaited, highly demanded Foursome by Kathleen Lights. If you are a fan of her makeup tutorials you are sure to be a huge fan of this “yummy” collection created by our beautimous Kathleen Lights.
Chhheck out the details on the creation of this magical little number below!
How did you come up with these shades?
* When I was thinking about what colors I should create, nothing but warm, yummy colors came to mind! I love wearing bronzy or gold colors on my eyes, so I just went with my gut!
Where did your shade names come from?
* I didn’t really put too much thought into the names! The first thing that popped into my head whenever I looked at a particular shade, is what I named it! For example, I have a yorkie named Cornelious and his hair is a beautiful warm caramel shade, so as soon as I saw that matte brown, my dog came to mind! So, I named that shade Cornelious!
Can you tell us about your inspiration for the foursome name?
* I always tell my subscribers to be positive individuals in life and to always keep their heart and mind in the light, never in the darkness. That is something I have always believed in and I wanted to incorporate that in the packaging of this collab!
How would you wear this collection?
* What is great about this collection is that there are both matte and sparkly, shiny shades! You can go bold or subtle with these shadows!
Where the light is swatch